Mercury Messiah is a Montreal based rock band that was founded in 2017 by Emmanuel Diles (Mano Diles) and John Papadimitriou. The two started writing music together at 13 years old. Their mutual love for bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, and The Beatles are what sparked their friendship and music writing duo. The majority of Mercury Messiah songs on their debut EP ‘Starbound’ were written by the two from 14-17 years old. Before the release of ‘Starbound’ Mercury Messiah was finally going to consider going the independent route until one day Michael Barbee of Dovetail Entertainment, the former Greta Van Fleet manager, contacted them one month after they sent him their album. He loved what they had created and offered them a management contract with Dovetail Entertainment. Mercury Messiah have now released their singles “Sunlight Surfing” and “Mercury Messiah” through Legend Recordings, Ingrooves/Universal Music Group. Unfortunately after the release of ‘Starbound’ in 2022 things didn’t go the way as planned and both parties mutually agreed to go their separate ways.

Which leaves us in the present time of 2023. A lot has changed since the release of ‘Starbound’ in 2022. After the band’s last back to back shows opening up for The Damn Truth at the El Mocambo in Toronto and headlining Petit Campus in Montreal in fall of 2022, Co-Founder of Mercury Messiah John Papadimitriou decided to step away from Mercury Messiah. The remaining members of the group are co-founder Mano Diles (songwriter, guitar, vocals, piano, composer, producer) and Alex Brunel (drums, piano, composer, producer).

The now independent band operates as a duo, recording every instrument in their home studios (with the exception of bass) as well as producing and mixing their own music. When it comes to live shows the band outsources musicians for bass and rhythm guitar. The band's new single ‘Stay’ and upcoming EP ‘Blast Off’ which is being released in February of 2024 marks a new milestone for the band. ‘Blast Off’ is a subtle sequel and continuation of their last EP ‘Starbound’. Both EP’s were initially supposed to be released under one massive Album. Due to a last minute decision the band decided to separate the album and release everything as two separate EP’s. Mano and Alex recorded (with the exception of bass), composed, mixed and produced everything by themselves in their home studios this time around for ‘Blast Off’ opposed to going with their previous producer and sound engineer Paul Pivetta. Mercury Messiah wanted a more in depth, hands on approach to this new EP/Single because of their strive for perfectionism. Their recording process is far more meticulous and detail oriented thanks to their ability to record and produce everything themselves in their in-home studios. Mano took up the role as lead singer replacing former member and co-founder John Papadimitriou after his departure in late 2022. Previously Mano would only sing backing vocals for the band as well as his lead guitarist role. This time around he sings lead vocals as well as playing lead guitar. It was in the band's best interest for Mano to do both in order to preserve the classic Mercury Messiah sound.